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Coaching & Mentoring


Definition of CoachingExecutive coaching aims to help you realise the potential of your existing knowledge through the development of your skills, attitude and confidence, thus improving your effectiveness as a manager or leader.

Stuart has been managing and developing managers over the past 15 years and has been a practicing coaching in management both in the private sector and public sector.

Since setting up Stuart McFarlane Associates, Stuart has been coaching in both the public and private sectors at senior levels, Chief Executives, Managing Directors, Sales Directors and Head Teachers. These people have benefited greatly from the time out of their busy business lives, to have some reflection time to think about themselves and their organisation. (see testimonials)

Coaching and MentoringThe benefits to you of coaching are

  • Planned time out of a busy business schedule
  • Confidential, non-judgemental & safe environment
  • Opportunity to explore new thoughts and ideas
  • Confidence building
  • Improved performance as a manager and leader
  • Acquiring New Skills
  • Equipped with development tools


One simple way to improve a company’s efficiency and output is to have the best people in the job. It usually costs about six month’s salary/wages to employ and train a new employee before they are generating income for that business.

Definition of MentoringMany companies look to employ someone new rather than developing the skills of existing employees who already know the organisation and how it operates. Supporting the development of existing employees, who have the appropriate attitude and potential, simply makes economic sense.

A key element of staff development is mentoring at various levels within an organisation and you and your company can benefit from this very effective management tool. In an environment in which businesses must continually change to compete, mentoring provides a flexible and individual method of helping organisations realise their full potential through developing their employees.

Stuart has been managing and developing teams over the past 25 years and has been a mentoring staff whilst working at Yorkshire Forward, Sony and Panasonic. He is a member of the Institute of Leadership & Management (ILM) and has relevant qualifications from ILM and the Institute of Supervision & Management (ISM)

Stuart McFarlaneYour organisation can benefit from the following:-

  • External Mentoring for team leaders, supervisors, & management staff to help them develop
  • Mentor training for team leader, supervisors, & management staff to help them manage
  • Setting up an internal mentoring scheme to continue in-house
  • Mentoring can be used in various circumstances
    • Develop employees abilities
    • Develop employees confidence
    • Improve employees who are not working at an acceptable standard
    • Support employees who have recently been promoted to a new role
  • Use to support your organisations CPD commitments
  • Use to motivate and support rising stars or underperformers

Consultancy & Advice

There is not one magic formula - as all businesses are unique and therefore I will work with you to develop a support plan that covers the things that are important to you and your company needs, but it is not always necessary to make big changes and it is not necessarily the most obvious that needs changing.

Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference and have the greatest impact.


Reviewing the company strategy, structure and operations including a skills audit of staff resources but more importantly it is understanding what the organisation wants to achieve and where it wants to be in the next 12 or 24 months.


After the assessment phase, planning for change is the most crucial process, spending time getting this correct determines what changes will be made and how the changes are implemented, ultimately leading directly to the level of future success after the changes have had time to be embedded into the organisation.

Stuart at GoDigital 2013I can help you with the following

  • Strategic Planning – short, medium or long term
  • Business Plan development - to access investment funding ie Bank Loan etc
  • Sales & Marketing Strategy - to access new markets
  • Staff & Skills Development - skills audit & training needs analysis
  • Internal Procedures – Equality Policies, Risk Register, etc
  • Internal Processes – improved efficiency, reduction of paper trail, etc
  • Company structures – making changes - Sole Trader, Partnerships, Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnerships
  • Company Governance – process and procedures relating to the Board of Directors, the legal requirements of Directors, etc


“Change should not happen for change sake”

Change should happen only if there are sound economic or moral reasons for change and that there is an overall benefit to doing so. The hardest thing is changing something that you have been doing for years but if it is no longer delivering the benefits, efficiency or savings to the organisation - can you afford not to change?

How you implement change is important, and must be carefully handled particularly when it involves staff or task changes to the way staff work, as this can cause concerns and anxiety. We can help you manage this change to ensure implementation is as smooth as possible.

I can help you with the following

  • Restructure – Company, Staff, Departments, Teams, etc
  • Strategy Implementation – work with the various teams/departments/managers
  • Succession Development – working with the ‘rising stars’ in your organisation
  • Change Management Workshops – supporting the staff with the changes
  • Internal & External communications
  • Staff development - improved efficiency through effective up skilling of individual needs
  • Updated Internal Processes - Appraisal & Objectives , Risk Register, etc
  • Project Management – the external management of internal specific projects


Public sector funding is still available for businesses to access but has changed dramatically over the past twelve months and can be very confusing for businesses if they have not been involved in any previous applications or had any dealings with funding organisations.

Public sector funding is very complex and is constantly changing due to economic and political pressures fortunately having worked in public sector funding, this allows me to help you understand the criteria conditions, cut through the tortuous paperwork and lengthy application process by bringing my knowledge and experience both as an applicant and an assessor of various funding schemes.

Drill Hall

Facilitation & Project Management


If you are looking to hold an event but unsure where to start? Need someone to organise and facilitate an event?

Public Speaking

Stuart is an experienced public speaker having spoken at several national conferences on diverse subjects as business initiatives, innovation, funding, technology and economic development.

National Creative Industries Conference in 2006 & 2007, the Creative Britain debates in 2007/8, the Digital Britain debate in 2009, the Drum Awards for Digital Industries (DADI's) in 2009 & 2010 and the annual Yorkshire Digital Awards 2005 – 2010, Hull Digital Live 2009

Stuart at the Royal Television AwardsHosting & MC at Conferences

Stuart has hosted a number of local, regional and national conferences, introducing speakers, linking the subject threads, maintaining pace and relevance to the audience and holding open question and answer sessions.

Onlincolnshire Digital Conference (Lincolnshire County Council) March 2013, Expanding Opportunities for Sheffield’s Digital Economy Oct 2012, Creative Marketplace Halifax May 2012, and The Digital Britain debate in 2009.

Organising Events & Conferences

Stuart using a team of associates organises a number of events and conferences.

He has organised over 20 events of various sizes over 2012 & 2013 from breakfast networking events, training courses, seminars and conferences and here are a few examples:

  • Onlincolnshire Digital Conference (Lincolnshire County Council) Lincoln in March 2013 – this had over 150 delegates, 20 business exhibitors, and 6 national & international speakers, achieving number 2 in the Twitter trends with the conference hash tag #godigital2013.
  • The Broadband Business Benefits Workshops – Lincolnshire in January & February 2013 – this was a programme of 8 workshops in 4 locations with 24 businesses.
  • The Digital Britain debate (Department of Culture Media & Sport) Leeds in October 2009 – this had over 70 delegates with speakers from DCMS, Leeds City Council & Yorkshire Forward.

Project Management

An experienced project manager, in both the public and private sector, PRINC 2 qualified, understands ERDF funded projects that can run and manage projects either remotely or be located in your premises.

Stuart has project managed and run the following ERDF funded projects.

  • In October 2011 (24-month) contract with LCC part of Online Revolution –Digital Business Cluster (DBC) to support their economic development plans through the coordination and develop of a digital business cluster delivered through a series of seminars, workshops and providing 1:1 business support to assist ambitious businesses to achieve significant sustainable growth.
  • In March 2012 (12-month) contract with LCC part of Online Revolution – Support for Rural Broadband Pilots (RBP) delivered through a series of technology workshops and providing 1:1 business support to assist businesses to understand the business benefits of superfast broadband and digital technology applications that could lead to achieving significant efficiencies and growth.
  • In January 2013, contracted with Sheffield City Council to deliver and our design programme of intensive business support to Digital Businesses and create new business opportunities.