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My approach is totally bespoke for each client and has proven business results, but I would say that wouldn't I, here are comments from some of my clients.

Comments from some of my clients

Doo Marketing

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Stuart for all his help in recent months, particularly around putting systems in place to structure my business, Doo Marketing.

Having set up an out source marketing business in 2011, I needed clarity and focus; clarity to understand my service offering and focus to help me concentrate on the important aspects of business and making the best use of my time.

Stuart reviewed my business structure and documentation and through his coaching skills we were able to map out together how this would look. He has since supported me through his objective business coaching and this has been fundamental to how Doo operates today.

From my meetings with Stuart, I was able to make some minor restructuring to the business’s operations and immediately increased my proposal success rate, he gave me the confidence to belief in myself and be successful with my business. Month on month I have made improvements to other areas, including meeting objectives and follow ups. This has greatly improved the way I manage prospects, convert leads and work with clients.

A fantastic business coach and true friend to Doo, I would have no hesitation in recommending Stuart to other business owners.

Marian Smith, Director, Doo Marketing - Leeds
March 2013

Doo MarketingDoo Marketing - is about getting things done, it’s an outsourced marketing service that plans and delivers marketing when you need it.


We needed some structure and direction for our start-up company and we were referred to Stuart to help us out.

He was very friendly and easy to talk to. Our three directors each had an individual coaching session with Stuart, which was a relaxed and comfortable, process, yet very insightful. This was followed by a group session to combine our ideas into a single action plan.

It was very helpful to step back and look at our company from a new perspective and Stuart gave us lots of good advice. The coaching sessions changed the way we think and behave within our company and we are now better equipped to steer the business in the right direction.

We would like to thank Stuart for his help and guidance, and would have no hesitation in recommending him to other start-up businesses.

QWebKate Hudson, Director of Operations
QWeb – Leeds
October 2013

QWeb- are a full service digital agency, who build modern web applications using in-house software.
They provide a full range of services including web design and development, ecommerce, hosting, email marketing, social media and search engine optimisation.

Ting Ting Fashion

As a business consultant, Stuart reviewed my aims, established a strategic business plan and supported me through his objective business coaching both as a mentor and friend. He provided my company with well thought out strategies, which led to a decisive boom for my company.

Thanks to Stuart, I have launched a business and had gained the confidence and knowledge to believe in myself and to be successful with my line of business. Stuart has helped Ting Ting Fashion grow progressively over the past 4 months.

If you want to improve your business and get assurance on achieving your goals, Stuart McFarlane Associates is a good place to visit. I can’t thank Stuart enough for assisting us in getting where we are today.

Ting TingLin Yang, Company Director
Ting Ting Fashion - Leeds
September 2013

Ting Ting Fashion is an internet business selling Ladies fashion products – shoes, tights, scarves, jewellery and handbags.

Bulletpoint Design

I was initially sceptical of the benefits of coaching and this type of approach but on reflection you were good…very good in fact Stuart...Active listening skills were spot on. You kept me on track and on time. And I had a few nuggets to think about. Your business coaching supported me through looking at my game plan and helped focus me on one key issue, having more time quality time out of the business to focus on other avenues. (The graphic design industry was and is dying.)

As a result of our sessions, and after much soul searching and pushing the boundaries out of the comfort zone, I am still a branding expert, yet have creatively diversified and since gone on to become a motivational speaker and an enterprise champion in schools and colleges.

Admittedly with the additional help of a magic mentor and role model, our chat created one of the sparks to push me into doing it.

Paul (The Bulletman) Kerfoot, Creative MD
Bulletpoint DesignBulletpoint Design – Bradford
September 2013

Bulletpoint Design -offers effective corporate branding, including website and graphic design for print or screen.

Learning Light Ltd – The e-learning experts

I found working with Stuart as a business coach very useful indeed. Stuart delivered a series of very useful coaching conversations where we explored the issues that our company faced in a direct but approachable manner. On occasions this could be quite challenging and thought provoking but without doubt positive.

The coaching session had a number of useful and measurable results. One key example is we identified the need to develop concise propositions of what our business offered to customers, which has proved very useful, which the Coaching sessions allowed us to explore in a focused and thought provoking manner.

Learning LightDavid Patterson, Director and Consultant
Learning Light Limited - Sheffield
September 2013

Learning Light is an elearning research led consultancy business, with in depth knowledge and experience of how to succeed with elearning. We provide workshops and videos showing you how to succeed with elearning. Learning Light also provides market research, development skills, including ThinkZOOM our Knowledge sharing platform and a comprehensive collection of elearning courses and elearning videos to suit your needs.

oXyFire media creative

As a business we knew we needed to grow but did not really understand how we could make the changes within the business to achieve that.

We brought in Stuart and he very quickly understood the challenges we were facing, identified the main issues and he made some invaluable recommendations about the structure and operation of the business.

We took very little time in implementing the changes and since then we have seen a massive increase in staff morale, it has freed up the two Directors time to grow the business and the new structure he supported us to implement has been the right thing.

We cannot recommend Stuart highly enough – his experience, skills, knowledge and recommendations are fantastic.

OxyfireJay Rozanski, Creative Director
oXyFire media creative - Sheffield
June 2013

oXyFire media creative - A creative video production company based in Sheffield. We produce stunning corporate, commercial & broadcast film.